Bolsa Grande High School
Las Vegas All Class Reunion 2000
August 11-12, 2000
Greetings Matadors!

Please complete the following information. Please complete this form, include your check, and mail to:

  Deborah Tevis
  c/o BGHS Las Vegas Reunion
  1333 W. Campbell Road #162
  Richardson, TX 75080

Orders must be received by 06/15/2000. Tickets for adults over 21 are $40 each. If you are not planning to attend the reunion but wish to be listed in the Alumni Directory, please check the appropriate box.

Yes, I am attending the Reunion. I will need tickets. My party includes members.
No, I will not be attending the reunion, but please include me in the directory.
Yes, I will be attending the reunion but I have already paid. I just need to submit my information. I purchased tickets online and my party includes members.

Alumni Information
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Comments/Memories/Closet Skeletons
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