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<input type

<input type=hidden name="comments_required" value="What's a guest without comments? :)">
<input type=hidden name="name_required" value="What's a guest without a name? :)">
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What city and state do you live in now?:  <input name="citystate" size=60 maxlength=60><p>
Homepage: <input name="HOMEPAGE" value="http://" size=60 maxlength=128><P>

<SELECT NAME="reference" >
<OPTION value="Did Not Respond" selected>How did you find us?
<OPTION>Just Surfed On In
<OPTION>From a Friend
<OPTION>Net Search
<OPTION>Bolsa Grande High School


Have you signed the guestbook before...<br>
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<option value=" I've signed this guestbook before">Yes
<option value=" I've never signed this guestbook before">No

<TEXTAREA NAME="comments" COLS=60 ROWS=8 wrap=virtual></textarea><p>
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